The Rev. Pamela Mott

Schedule for September – October

As you know, Pam has been called as the Priest in Charge for Grace Church ¾ time.  Her schedule will be 3 weeks full time, then one week and a Sunday off.  At three points during the year (this summer, and the weeks leading up to Christmas and Easter), she will work 6 weeks full time, then take 2 weeks off.   We are blessed with Deacon Stephanie Batterman, and the Rev. Ed Greene who will cover Sundays and Pastoral emergencies during these times.  Of course, there will be times when we will need to be flexible!  Here is the schedule for the next three months.

Full time: August 30 – September 19

Off: September 22-29

Full time: September  28 – October 17

Off: October 20-27