Stewardship 2022

Grace Episcopal Church, Bath, Maine

November 2021

Dear Friends,

            It has been my pleasure to be among you – first, on ZOOM over the winter, then in person over the last three months.  I have been so graced to be among a community of care, generosity and creativity, willing to explore new ways of worship, service and formation.  It is why the theme of Regathering Grace, identified by the stewardship task force, seems so perfect to me.

            Regathering Grace speaks to our eventual physical emerging from this time of separation in the pandemic: regathering in person for worship, formation, outreach, fun!  On another level, it speaks to regathering the gifts of God known to us in the values of love, generosity, community, forgiveness.  Everything we have is a gift from God: our family and friends, our ability to earn a living and be creative, our desires, skills, the ability to enjoy the sun on the water and the spectacular color of autumn leaves.  And, those gifts, when shared freely, are multiplied exponentially.

            Your generous spiritual and financial support is needed as we regather grace. Miraculously, Grace Church met every goal it set last year – including calling a priest in charge!  Yet, we face a continued decline in financial resources that predates the pandemic.    Even though we have only partially emerged from the pandemic, this is the time to prepare firm footing to walk forward into our hopes and goals for 2022.  Those goals include fully funding the budget with your pledges, calling a music director, finding new ways to serve the larger community, and engaging in exploration about who God is calling Grace Church to be. I hope you will consider offering the grace of your generosity by increasing your pledge, and by participating in the conversations of visioning and hope that will be arising. 

            Here’s how I think about giving: I give 10% of my net income to my church.  For the year 2022, that means I will be pledging $510 a month to Grace Church.  I further tithe at least the difference between my net and gross income to other things near and dear to my heart (my seminary, ChildFund, Episcopal Relief and Development, etc.).  I send my pledge automatically through the bank – I learned a long time ago that I can’t keep track of pledge envelopes and paper checks, and it is important to make sure my pledge gets sent. I know that my pledge will support this church community and allow more abundance to come into my life. See the bottom of this letter for a chart to assist in thinking about tithing and percentage giving, and for ways of giving.  

            May we Regather Grace in the coming weeks and months; your support of your congregation enables us to serve God and support each other as we journey together. A pledge card is enclosed in this mailing.  In order for your vestry to plan for the coming year, please consider your pledge prayerfully and return your card by November 21st.  See you in church or on ZOOM!

So many blessings to you,

The Rev. Pamela Mott, Priest-in-Charge

Ways of Giving

Weekly checks and pledge envelopes!

Sign into your Bank’s Bill Pay, and indicate, through automatic payment, a regular check to be sent to Grace Church!

Use PayPal: check out our website,( and click on the PayPal link.  

It’s that easy!

Percentage Giving Chart

Stewardship Committee Members – Meridel Cosgrove, Mary & Greg Caron, Cindy Young, Frank Jacob, Lynne Wolfe, Sharon Steele, Dave Wetherbee