Rose Window from old church

The heart of Grace Episcopal Church is its people, gathered in the name of Christ to worship and to serve. Many ministries, guilds, and committees are active at Grace, and new ones are forming all the time. There are no closed groups here—we warmly invite and encourage participation in any aspect of our shared life that particularly calls to you.

Altar Guild. The Altar Guild prepares the church altar for Sundays and holidays, as well as the chapel altar for the  Wednesday morning Eucharist service. Guild members also prepare the church and altar for baptisms, weddings, and funerals. They polish the silver and brass for use at these services and also care for the linens, priest’s vestments, and altar servers’ robes, including cleaning and mending.


Choir. The choir sings on Sundays at the 9:30 a.m. Eucharist service and at other special services, such as Christmas and Easter. Additional music with a recorder ensemble and other instruments is provided. Music lovers of all ability levels are warmly welcomed.

Facilities Committee. The Facilities Committee is responsible for the maintenance of and improvements to the     building and grounds.The committee generally meets once a month.

Finance Committee. The Finance Committee advises the Vestry about parish finances and assists in the preparation of the annual budget. The committee generally meets once a month the week prior to the Vestry meeting.

Flower Guild. The Flower Guild provides flower arrangements for the altar using fresh, dried, and silk flowers. The church office handles requests for special memorial flowers.

Greeters and Ushers. Greeters welcome parishioners and especially newcomers and guests to the 9:30 Sunday service. Ushers distribute the service bulletin, bring the Communion elements to the altar, and collect and present monetary offerings during the service.

Outreach Committee. The Outreach Committee coordinates the parish outreach efforts in the community and the wider world. These efforts include active ministries as well as financial support to many nonprofit organizations in the local area.

Pastoral Care. Pastoral caregivers coordinate with the church office to provide transportation, meals, visits, and other assistance to Grace parishioners in need of these services.

Stewardship Committee. The Stewardship Committee leads the parish to a deeper understanding of how we are stewards of God’s many gifts.

Worship Committee. The Worship Committee functions in an advisory capacity for the Priest, with particular reference to special services such as baptisms, weddings, funerals, and holidays, including Christmas and Easter.  The committee is composed of members from all our worship ministries.