Liturgy Opportunities at Grace This Fall

Midweek Bible Study and Morning Prayer

Wednesday at 9:30 am  Via Zoom

Midweek Bible Study with Commemoration of … (whatever Saint or Holy Day occurs that week). We’ll begin with a very abbreviated Morning Prayer.  We’ll alternate Rite One and Rite Two, though with such a short format the difference  will not be drastic.  And we’ll allow for some discussion and questions on the short Saints’ Day lesson(s).  We’ll start at 9:30, and we’ll end when we run out of steam, but no later than 11:00.  Use the Sunday Worship Link.

A walk through the Eucharistic Prayers:

Beginning on September 19, we will “walk through” the Eucharistic Prayers in the Book of Common Prayer and in subsequent supplemental liturgical texts.  We will begin with Rite 1 on the 19th and the 25th.  Each week, watch for a very brief introduction to the prayer and listen for the ways in which our worship is expressed.  Note: the liturgy of the Word each week will be from the Rite 2 service.

 Blessing of the Animals: Sunday October 3        

In honor of St. Francis Day, you are invited to bring your (well behaved) animals to church on Sunday October 3 for a blessing.  If you are unable to bring your pet (Pam’s cat would not tolerate it!), bring a stuffed animal or picture instead. We will keep the service shorter.  If there are horses, or elephants or donkeys involved, we can bring the blessing out into the parking lot!

All Saint’s Sunday – November 7

On All Saint’s Sunday (the Sunday after All Saints Day, November 7, 2021), we remember that we are surrounded by the great cloud of witnesses.  We remember people who are dear to us who have died recently, and those whom we have lost many years ago.  You are invited to bring forward the people you are mourning from this past year for whom, if circumstances had been otherwise, you would have had or attended a service. Of course, even if there was a service, this is an opportunity to come together as the Grace Church Community to offer and receive love and support in the context of our faithful relationships. We will be publishing a booklet with a picture and a brief paragraph about your loved one.  (For full information please see Grace Notes or Saturday email)

            What: All Saints’ Memorial Service. When: Sunday November 7, 2021, 9am

How can I participate?  Submit a paragraph up to 250 words and/or a picture. Be sure to include the person’s name and, if you want, their dates.

Submit to by OCTOBER 10TH.