Pam’s Weekly Wonderings


This week, I had two conversations – one with my trainer, who puts me through my paces to keep my bones strong, and the other with a coaching group that gathers regularly for learning and accountability.  Both were asking: what now?  As we approach a new year, what are my intentions?  What commitments am I willing to make to myself?  To others?  In each case, we are beginning anew.  My trainer is going to challenge me more (yikes!) and I made the commitment to be more mindful of my Weight Watchers points, and to add in one more workout a week.  Both of these will help me stay healthy and strong for the work of ministry among you.  We tend to dismiss the idea of New Year’s resolutions, especially the ones we have made over and over that are forgotten by Epiphany!

But, what if we were to provide some support and accountability to one another.  Statistics suggest that having such a supportive community increases the chances of success, as well as increasing the sense of community and relationship!

What simple new habit do you want to make?  You may already have something in mind!  Losing weight, quitting smoking, praying daily, being in better touch with friends and family… As Priest in charge of Grace Church, I might also suggest that you take a look at the formation opportunities in the bulletin this week and up on the bulletin board and make a commitment to go one step deeper in faith and community.  There is opportunity for prayer, for learning, for sharing our stories, for reading.  You might also make a commitment to reach beyond the Grace community with our outreach possibilities (see information sheet on the Narthex table).

 If you are thinking of something and think having some support might help, let me know and we can pull a group of people together for prayerful and loving support!  Each person might be working on something different but we can draw on each other for strength and creativity!

May this new year be one that draws us more deeply into faithful habits of heart – metaphorically and physically!