Tedford Meals

Delivering food to Tedford mealDebby Hayden, coordinator for the Tedford meal ministry, writes:

Grace Church participates in the Meal a Month program at Tedford Housing’s emergency shelter in Brunswick.  We supply a meal for twenty to twenty-five clients on fifth Tuesdays and fifth Thursdays of the month. On occasion we have stepped in to supply dinner when no other group was available.

This is a form of service a person can do once or dozens of times depending on his or her interest. The task is to prepare one of the following items to serve 25 people; a main course or a dessert. Many volunteers deliver their contribution themselves but we can always arrange delivery if needed. These meals need not be elaborate. People usually make casserole dishes such as macaroni and cheese, American Chop Suey or, in warmer weather, pasta salads with some chicken or ham in it. Some people make a simple dessert of cookies served with canned fruit while others do fancifully decorated cupcakes or some brownies. There are two volunteers on hand every day to put the final touches on the meals. That means if you choose to provide a salad by buying the fixings someone will prepare it on site. There is no need to take food that is ready to eat because someone will be there to heat items as needed.