Mission in Haiti

IU Flag RaisingWe are a partner with Instituion Univers, an ecumenical Christian school in Ounaminthe, Haiti.  We have sent several mission trips to IU, most recently in November 2013, to help students practice their spoken English.  We anticipate further mission trips, and are also considering a shift in focus towards providing scholarship funds so that local students who can not afford the modest fees charged by the school can still obtain the extraordinary education the school offers. Operating from the Christian perspective of faith, hope, and love, C.O.C.I.N.A. (Coalition of Children in Need Association) partners with Institution Univers and Univers Medical Center in Ouanaminthe to provide academic and vocational education for women and adults, provide health care for people in the area, and jump-start economic development projects.  The web address for C.O.C.I.N.A.  is www.haiticocina.org.

A reception was held in March of 2015 to “meet and greet” five Institution Univers graduates.  One is studying for his master’s degree in the US.

Reception at Grace for IU graduates who are studying or have graduated from US universities.


Below are Nancy Chandler;  Jerry Pierre, Dean of Students for IU and a graduate of a US college; Jean-Gardy Saint-Vil, currently the Chief Financial Officer of IU; and Robyn Butler.   Several Grace parishioners donated to Jean-Gardy’s university education in Haiti.









Here are the Institut Univers graduates enjoying a day in Maine while en route to the C.O.C.I.N.A. Board meeting held in Ohio.  All IU students attending college in the US are invited to be part of the Board meeting.