Grace Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church in Bath, Maine, established in 1849

Grace Notes

Dear brothers and sisters,

Grace Notes was delayed because of a server being down at the other end of our electronic pathway.

Our church is still closed, and we are dealing with the social distancing as well as possible. Please heed the word: wash you hands, don’t touch your face, maintain social distancing, stay at home all you can. We all need to stay well and in time overcome this dangerous adversary.

In Grace Notes

  • Father Ed continues the explanation of the psalms and a virtual Bible study
  • Remember your prayers
  • Morning Prayer is available via computer or just the telephone
  • Check the epistle from Father Strasburger (separate)
  • Holy Week will also be celebrated virtually–see the schedule (separate)
  • Remember to keep up the support our church by maintaining your pledge

See you in “virtual church!”

Peace and love,


Each week,  Frank Jacob, Ye Olde Editor, prepares and sends out our e-newsletter Grace Notes.  It’s the best source for keeping up with all that happens at Grace.














































































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