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Grace Notes

Each week,  Frank Jacob, Ye Olde Editor, prepares and sends out our e-newsletter Grace Notes.  It’s the best source for keeping up with all that happens at Grace.

My sisters and brothers,

This week in Grace Notes:

  • The latest on Grace’s first CABARET! Tickets on sale THIS Sunday!
  • Grace needs volunteers to help at the Bath Area Food Bank
  • We journey through Lent
  • Little Flock Non-Food Bank
  • Feast @ 5:30 at Washington House this Thursday

See you in church!

Peace and love,


Current Grace Notes:   01-26-2020

A dear friend of Susan Wall, Pattie Handloss, an Episcopal priest, posted this prayer for Australia.  Susan thought you all might like to see it.

“We pray for gentle rains,
and no wind;
we pray for cooling skies,
and water in abundance;
we pray for the burning land,
we pray for the four legged,
and the winged,
for the koala and the kangaroo,
and all of their neighbours;
we pray for the people who are trapped,
for the people who have lost their homes,
for the firefighters and the first responders,
for the exhausted and the tapped out,
we pray for Australia,
from east, to south, to west, to north,
and all the places in between.

In this world of changed and changing climate, God,
we ask that you would help us
to help those who are in immediate danger;
may we use what we have to help and to heal –
then call us to repent of all the ways
we continue to make this world
a place of death, rather than life.

Help us, O God…because we
don’t seem to be able
to do it on our own.

In Christ’s name,
on the wings of the Holy Spirit,
we pray.


Thank you to Rt Rev Richard Bott, Moderator, United Church of Canada for this beautiful prayer.

See you in Church!

Peace and love,






































































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