Relationship with the Diocese of Maine

Grace Church’s relationship with the Diocese is solid. We are recognized by the Diocese as an active and well-managed faith community and enjoy annual visits from Bishop Brown for confirmation and reaffirmation. Delegates from Grace Church annually attend Diocesan Convention. We regularly host Diocesan events at Grace Church with the Women of Grace providing meals for many. We contribute substantially to the financial well-being of the Diocese and reach out to other churches to help in whatever way we can. Grace Church spent a year doing an experimental shared ministry with St. Phillip’s Church in Wiscasset, and although we have discontinued that ministry, our relationship remains strong. Grace Church has worked with other parishes in the Diocese for guidance with outreach projects and has supported Diocesan churches in need. As with other churches in the Diocese, we continue to strive to find ways to reach out into the community and to grapple with how we can be the church of tomorrow.