The “board” of an Episcopal Parish is called the Vestry. The Vestry works collaboratively with the clergy in leading the parish in all important matters. There are eight general members of Grace’s Vestry, plus four officers. All are elected at the Annual Parish Meeting, which takes place in January. General members are elected to three year terms, officers to one year renewable terms.

The two Wardens are the Vestry’s chief officers.  A Treasurer, supported by a Finance Committee and by a paid bookkeeper, is in charge of parish finances. A Clerk keeps minutes of Vestry meetings and other important records.

Vestry meetings are generally the third Tuesday of the month at 6 PM  and are open to the parish. Minutes are posted on the bulletin board outside the office and on this page as soon as they are approved, usually at the next meeting.

Vestry 2020 (with year term expires)


Senior Warden:  Lynne Wolfe (2021)

Junior Warden: Avanel Payne (2021)

Treasurer:  Pamela Cox (2021)

Clerk:  Meridel Cosgrove (2021)

General Members:

Frank Jacob (2022)

Gary Zartarian (2022)

Bethel Keith (2022)

Mike Powers (2023)

Sharon Steele (2023)

Mary Wallace (2023)

Jeff Cheetham (2024)

Nancy Kinner (2024)

Dave Wetherbee (2024)

Vestry Minutes for 2020

December Vestry Meeting -12-15-20, rev 1

November Vestry Meeting – 11-17-2020, rev. 1

October Vestry Meeting – 10-20-2020

July Vestry Meeting 7-21-2020 (1)

Vestry meeting for 5-19-2020, rev. 1

Vestry meeting for 4-21-2020, rev 1 (1)

Vestry Minutes for 3-17-2020

Vestry Minutes for 3-3-2020, rev 1

Vestry Minutes for 2.25.2020, rev 2