Clergy Reflections

6 December, 2020: Advent Reflection by our Deacon, the Rev Stephanie Batterman

23 November, 2020: Advent 2020 – “Following a Star” by our Deacon, the Rev Stephanie Batterman

Advent is the story of the Light that came into the world with the birth of a child over 2000 years ago.   It is the story of a star and a journey from darkness toward the light of the star which shone over that stable so many years ago.

In this story we find a pattern we can use over and over, whenever we find ourselves in darkness, the darkness of grief, or worry, or insurmountable personal problems; the darkness of confusion, fear, pain, violence, prejudice, sin, and greed.

What was true in the Scripture story is still true today – there is a star bright enough to follow.  No matter what the darkness or how intense it is, we can find a way out by seeking light.  A Scripture passage, the words of a hymn, an idea, a word spoken, can become a light, a star, for us to follow from darkness into light.

“A people in darkness have seen a great light!”  We, too, desire a great light to burst upon us – the light of acceptance, tolerance, understanding, unity, peace, and love. We know instinctively that it is only by standing in that light, the Light that came into the world with the birth of that child,  that we may find a way out of the darkness we carry within ourselves and which exists in our world.

It is a promise made to us by Jesus himself when he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”  John 8: 12

May we all have a safe and holy Advent journey toward the light – the Light of the World – foretold by that star so long ago.

12 February – a letter from Fr. Ted  His last day was 15 March 2020.

parish letter from Fr. Ted