Grace Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church in Bath, Maine, established in 1849

Fr. Ted’s Sermons

We will be uploading Father Ted’s sermons on a weekly basis.  Please check back frequently as you won’t want to miss them!

11 March 2018: Fourth Sunday of Lent. John 3:14-21.  Fr. Ed Greene spoke on the Cure for Snake Bites.


4 March 2018: Third Sunday of Lent.  John 2: 13-22.  Fr. Ed Greene gave a contemporary sermon on the Decalogue (10 Words or Commandments).  You won’t want to miss it!


25 February 2018: Second Sunday of Lent.  Mark 8:31-38.


18 February 2018: First Sunday of Lent.  Mark 1: 9-15.  Have we given God any reason to trust us?


14 February 2018: Ash Wednesday.  Where will your focus be this Lenten Season?


11 February 2018: Last Sunday after the Epiphany.  How might we participate in the transfiguration in our individual lives, in our communities and in the entire world?


4 February 2018: Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany.


28 January 2018: Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany.   Annual Meeting Sermon.


21 January 2018: Mark 1: 14-20. Third Sunday after the Epiphany. “Put down your nets and follow Him.”


14 January 2018: John 1:43-51. Second Sunday after the Epiphany.  Fr. Ted relates Dr. Martin Luther King to our readings today.  “I am here, Lord and I am listening”.  Are we listening?


7 January 2018: Mark 1:4-11. First Sunday after the Epiphany.  What does it mean to be a Christian?


24 December 2017: Luke 1: 26-38.  Fourth Sunday of Advent. 


17 December 2017: John  1:6-8, 19-28.  Third Sunday of Advent.  What are you awaiting?


10 December 2017: Second Sunday of Advent: Mark 1:1-8.


3 December 2017: First Sunday of Advent: Mark 13: 24-37. The Rev William Blaine-Wallace preaching while Fr. Ted is away.


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