Grace Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church in Bath, Maine, established in 1849

The Compassion Cross

CrossThis is a Lenten project called the Compassion Cross. The observance of Lent can be a time of giving to others instead of focusing solely on self-discipline, so we reach out to local nonprofits. Among others, we’ve included libraries, theaters, and caregivers of both people and animals. We have asked, “What can we do for you?” explaining that this is not a chance to ask for money. Requests have included a snow shovel, a roll of stamps or an electric frying pan, the idea being to look at the various cards, find one that appeals to you, take it off the cross and fulfill the request. This year, various agencies asked for such things as disposable face masks, glue sticks, or muffins!  We hope you will choose to participate. This is intended to be a personal experience, so you will not be asked what card you chose nor will there be any follow up. Of course, if you have a good story to share, please do, perhaps with a short story in Grace Notes.


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